Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012


Maybe youre wondering why Im not writing on Monday like normal....its because I was on a bus...Last week I got transferred!! hahahah aka I moved after 7 months in Angelim and was transferred to Araguaina...more about it later.

My old companion, Elder De Oliveira is now being trained by Elder Carver (was in my group) and he is in Teresina still but not in the same area.  My new companion is Elder Yorgason!!! He is from West Valley City, Utah... this is his last transfer haha; we are Zone leaders in Araguaina.

The mission is broken down like this:

1.    Mission

2.    Zone

3.    District

4.    Companionship

Normally a zone is comprised of many districts all with their district leader and they all report to the zone leaders who report to the President through his assistants. so yeah Im a zone leader in Araguaina.

Right now Araguaina is not even a ward! It is a mission branch, the missionaries have been there for 10 months... haha so the church is brand new... and its an 18 hour bus ride from Teresina to there. I will make that trip here again in a few hours back to Araguaina (Im in Teresina right now because we had a meeting). The 18 hour bus rides kills. but its all good I normally make some sandwiches and eat them on the way haha.

Araguaina is so cool there isnt even a chapel its just a rented out space, Ill have to upload the photos next week. I dont have my cord, sorry I forgot it.

Life is good we have a new focus its not baptisms but its to find and convert families!!! Baptize families! We just got out of our training all about families, it was really good Im excited to find and baptize families!

Its kind of crazy how fast time is flying here for me its coming up on my 9th month.... I still just tell everyone Ive been out for 7months haha. Ill just stay at 7 months in my mind forever.

Dont really have much else I love you guys!!!

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