Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 24, 2012

Alright so to explain these pictures I need to tell a story.... Once upon a p-day Elder King and Elder Howe thought it would be a GRAND idea to buy some Christmas things for members in the ward so they planned and saved and went skipping to the supermarket full of the Christmas spirit. Upon arriving they found some Chocolate Cakes!! Boxes of chocolates and their favorite APPLE CIDER!!! Oh what joy to bring to the members!!! They returned home a wrapped their presents and began with plans to deliver them. They delivered the first one with joy and cheer the brother was so happy grinning from ear to ear, they next stop was their ward mission leader. As they arrived and gave the present to him, he declared "why this contains alcohol... 5 whole Percent!!!"

they quickly ran back hoping not to find the first member "drunk" with delight, luckily he was not, they got their sparking cider and returned it to the store... bought more chocolate cakes with bom sabor.


Haha they don’t sell cider here without alcohol...


Any who so we took some pictures and took them back.


They didn’t even ask for our ID... haha


We have not really had a lot of time in our area to work. this week we did 2 divisions I was in the other areas and this whole planning and organizing for the xmas par-tay is been another time load that we are excited to have happen tonight! Then we can relax and maybe get a full night’s sleep.... maybe that would be an awesome present... sleep


We have been teaching a boy named Bryan... his parents were inactive for a while (they just moved into our ward) and are coming back their 10 year old son has not been baptized yet so we will have his baptism on Saturday... I have been wondering a lot of this month we did not get the goal of 10 baptisms because of our lack of faith or if we were/ are going through a trail... and this baptism I feel was a response to my many prayers for direction and insight on the matter, I feel that it was a tender mercy from the lord telling us that his will is always made to come forth, and that as long as we are truly magnifying our callings and keeping our covenants all will be from our improvement and development. I found an awesome talk from President Eyring (he is a BOSS) that gave me strength in this time here is the link for anyone who is feeling their calling or responsibilities or life load is too great for their abilities


I hope during this time of Christmas we can all take a min to stop and reflect. Take a moment alone to just meditate on your life. Think of your life as a gift. Christ was born so that our lives could be fuller. More full of love, of peace, and of strength. Are you currently feeling those gifts of his life in yours? If not, why not?

Is your life being lived in a way that if at this time you were to stand before him you would be able to say "Lord I lived in such a way that YOUR SACRIFICE was not wasted on my life.”?

How would you feel to give him a report of your life as a gift?


I love this Christmas season, I love it. There is no other time like it. ENJOY IT.


Sending you my Christmas love and cheer. Merry Christmas!


Love Elder Howe


Not our dog

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 17, 2012

Hello All and Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the weak weekly letter last week... I just realize that we will be talking so soon :) I don’t think Skype will work, maybe but as for a lan house open on Xmas... it’s not looking too bright. But whether by Skype or telephone it will most likely be xmas day... xmas eve is going to be very busy. We are going to have a caroling night for the zone and then a xmas dinner... just that well we´ve got to plan it. HAHAH AWESOME!!! it will be great when we are there and stuff just the whole finding less actives that we can visit near the chapel for 24 missionaries and also finding a way to MAKE a xmas dinner for 24 elders is a bit of a challenge. the lord will provide a way of that I am sure.

This week was really cool Elder Mazzaguardi for the 2nd quorum of the 70 comes to visit our zone. I WAS INTERVIEWED BY HIM!!! haha elder king and I were pretty nervous but he was really chill and cool about it all, we basically just talked and then he asked if I was worthy. then the next day we had a 4 hr. mtg with him. One thing that called my attention he said if you want to be saved you can go home right now... you do not need to do anything to be saved Christ gave us that as a free gift, you were born you will be saved. the he paused and said now if you want to be exalted... that’s a different story. if you want to live with god and your family for ever you have a fight in front of you every day or the rest of your life... and no one else in this world can help you. sure they can give advice and tips but in the end it is up to you. DO you want it or not? this life is just to test our obedience... that is all. it is so short so fast so quick, so what are you going to make of it?

Elder King and I are with some difficulties in finding new families... and it is so frustrating like everyone here in the north east of Brasil is supposed to let you into their house... that’s just normal...but they stopped... and I don’t know why. it’s like we are in Europe or America. so we are going to figure out why, make the necessary changes and then go at it again. haha this work cannot be stopped, and it never will!!!

We have this one family we are teaching Alex and Eudenei, we went and taught them for the 2nd time this week and we took our GIANT BOSS ward mission leader. we taught about the book of Mormon. Elder king found this family 2 weeks ago and the first words Alex said were "you won’t change me from my church." so anyway we begin to teach and the spirit was so strong and the lesson went so well, it was so good I completely forgot about all the troubles of being a missionary. we got near then end of the lesson and asked "why is it important to know this book is true?" and Alex answered... to follow what’s in it. man I was so farting happy at the moment. elder king then went in for the baptismal invite... they accepted to be baptized on the 29th of December!! it was truly and awesome experience. we will sadly have to remake them for a different date because they didn’t go to church this week but still that family will be baptized, a blessing from god.

We met another young man he had been to church once like 3 or 4 weeks ago (before I got here) and we finally found out where he lived but any way... we begin talking to him he is 17 years old but it quickly become apparent that he is not a normal 17 year old... he was like You know elders I find you church very interesting you do not speak about salvation, but it seem that at your church you focus on exaltation... why is this? man we are looking forward to going back there and re teaching this future stake president. haha

well I wish you all a happy and merry week before xmas!! hope you get a moment to watch Elf :) Love you all!!

Elder Howe

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Elder King Eating his shoe... there was a knot in it haha

Zone São Luis!!!

Me and Elder Ignacio (a district leader that i had the pleasure to do a division with this week)

Oh boy what a week.....

We had our zone meeting it went well; the Elders that wanted to be inspired left inspired.

We had an Elder whose lung collapsed.... WHAT!!!! He was just walking in the street and BAM! I don’t know, he is in the hospital and we should be getting another Elder to fill his spot.

I really don’t have time today, sorry. I was writing the President... I’ll have to figure something out. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

1) Our Ghetto shower head... hey we got warm water... just we get shocked sometimes... haha
2) CHRISTMAS!!! THANK YOU FAMILY!!! We also love the Christmas tree.
3) Everyone is curious about the bus we travel in so here is a picture.
4) Our super organized area book. It’s by neighborhoods!!!
5) Elder King, Elder Cooper, and me. All from the same MTC group at the zone leader meeting this past week.

Hello all and happy December or Dezembro if you want to speak Portuguese.
It is still hot here... but the fact that São Luis is an island means that there is always wind and often my tie is blown over my shoulder. So I like it here.

This week we traveled to Teresina to have a new monthly meeting for zone leaders, so the last week of the month I will be traveling!! 

Elder King and I spent the last week organizing some things... like the area book and also setting goals for this month so that we can reach the goal of 10 baptisms that president set for zone leaders this month.... we are going to have to find a lot of people. But the cool part is that when the lord commands he always provides a way... it may not be easy but it is possible. I think of Nephi who was commanded to go get the plates... it only happened BECASUE OF HIS FAITH! The plates did not just fall into his hands he worked. he tried not just once, not just twice but three times after the first time all his brothers were ready to go back empty handed... but he told them that he would not return... not until HIS MISSION WAS ACCOMPLISED. It’s a pretty cool story I invite all to read it, 1Nephi 3-4. 

We also in Teresina had the chance to stop by Bom Preço... which is owned by Wal-Mart... YEAH IT WAS GREAT. I am now to proud owner of 12 boxes of mac and cheese, some nutella and JET PUFF MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!!!! It’s pretty awesome

A few fun facts:
- Irene your Northface backpack is holding up well. It is still intact and still being used
- My new area is really awesome, we just got to get to work and find people
- Elder King is AWESOME!!! He was at BYU the same time I was and he also lived in Heritage, we sometimes talk about good old BYU
- We have 22 missionaries in our zone so it’s a bit more than the 4 in Araguaina.

I hope you all have an awesome week and hope you are all feeling to spirit of Christmas!!! 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!