Monday, July 9, 2012

A day in the life of...a MISSIONARY

Daily life is pretty simple; I get up 6:20 (so that I don’t even come close to the 6:30 alarm). Say my prayer after my pushups (10 of them) so that I stay awake for the prayer. Then I do my morning exercises normally 5 minutes of cardio, 5 minutes of abs or arms (switching every other day) then 5 more of cardio.

7:00                       Shower

7:12                        Eat breakfast recently I’ve been eating eggs and like a dairy yogurt or something.

7:30                       Eat and study some scriptures or basically it’s whatever I want time

7:50                        Get in my missionary attire

8:00                       Kneel and pray for personal study

9:00                       Comp study

11:00                      Language study

12:00                     Leave the house (put on sunscreen)

12:30-1:00            Go to lunch, then we eat for an hour after that it’s on the road for teaching, preaching, inviting, baptizing you know the norm…

9:00 pm               Return to house

9:30                       Close the day, close our numbers, lessons taught that sort of thing

9:40                       Shower

9:50                       Eat, read some more scriptures

10:20                     Get in bed, write in journal and sleep

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