Monday, April 30, 2012

Send a letter/card for his 20th BIRTHDAY!

Elder Howe's 20th birthday is June 3rd. We'd like to encourage EVERYONE to send him some birthday LOVE now; it take about 1 month for mail to reach him. It is hard being away from home on your birthday and it would be really sweet for him to receive mail.

Please send all letters/cards to:

Attention: Mario Diaz
Elder Alexander Thompson Howe
CP # 2321
64001-923 Teresina, Pl,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Abril 23

This week was tough. Trying to get the members involved and give us some references. Member references are GOLD!!!  One of the hardest things we deal with as missionaries is making friendships with the members and investigators.   But when we teach ppl from our members circle they alrady have a friend and all that jazz. MEMBER REFERENCES ARE GOLD!!! (if you want to make your local Elders happy give them a name and address and then invite your friend to your house for the lesson) and just see his face light up.

This week our ward got split even though i though our ward was small enough.  Guess it was to big... (why is the annandale ward not split it's easily 4 times bigger than this old ward) So there was a member of the area 70 there. Elder Souza and I were doing our studies and we decided we needed to go visit the bishop see to see if he needed help and to get a list of less actives and part member families. We got their and THE WHOLE BISHOPRIC was their and they were just finishing a list of less actives and part member families to visit and bring back into actvity becasue our ward needs more priesthood power!  So just another testimony builder for me of how involved the lord is in this work and in our lives. 

Last week we tracted into a man named Lucas he's 22 but the awesome thing is that he and his friend Glaydson and Osmeal are all really religious and looking for the truth. RIght now Lucas was going to get baptized in another church but after meeting us he decided to see what our church is all about... he is dedicated this week to study the BOM and pray about it. so I'm kinda excited.  The part thats even better is that they have a weekly bible study session with their friends we got invited! HAHAH time to convert.

Family and firands i know this is the church of Jesus Christ, it is the same church he established on the earth while he was here. All who honestly seek will come to that conclusion... because it is true. That's all for this week, love you all!!!!

Elder Howe

Chillin' waiting for an investagator to take them to church

People gathered around an accident, and you guys thought every stopped to look in america... hahah

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16th

This week our area started to get moving (finally) haha we started using the members more, visiting and getting references from them, we focused on working near members so that way the investigators already have a friendship and it’s a billion times better. Our goal is to use the members to find the people and then we teach and the members do the rest... that’s how this work is supposed to be! Please help the missionaries in your ward; bring a friend to church and then give them a new investigator :)
I love you guys and miss you.
Love Elder Howe

Friday, April 13, 2012

April 9th-Easter Shout Out


Mine was different.... no chocolate just JELLY BEANS AND SKITTLES!!!!!! Oh and I ATE LUNCH WITH A RABBIT!!! Yeah, my Easter rocked. haha

Just missing the huge amounts of pollen and mild weather in DC right now.... I don’t have much time this week but I hope you all had a good Easter.

Sorry if my letters are not getting to you quickly, our post office was robbed so it shut down for a few days... weeks… I don’t know when it’ll open back up, I also don’t know why they closed it, not sure how a robbery effects the fact that you can’t be open. haha oh the cultural change; still getting use it! LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!!!

Cookies and YES we got MILK

Glasses at a members house

The RABBIT we celebrated Easter with, it was so nice to dine with him

Mom's easter egg decoration; I made me and my comp using post it notes it was easier then eggs... ahahah I have the red tie and the decorations in our house!!!

Abril 2nd

In the airport upon my arrival

Included the President and his wife along with other Missionaries

In the Presidents home

AHHHHHHHHH I just wrote and the key board has a sticky backspace and it deleted what I wrote... but it was only like 2 lines haha.  

This week was super awesome because I got to watch General Conference IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! We had a set up in one of the classrooms with AC; we had the computer up on 2 desks and watched it. Quite a change from one year ago sitting in the conference center but I felt the same spirit and that’s was a cool thing to learn.

I have been called as a trainer; for those of you who don’t know what that means, I am responsible for my NEW companion, Elder F. Souza. Believe it or not he has less time than me in the field (he has almost a whole week!). I am to teach him the "ropes"  or better said, the things I am still learning myself. Please pray for me. He is super awesome, he is from San Paulo and really just has a desire to be the Lord’s servant. His birthday was yesterday, yes he was born on April fool’s day. HAHAHA that was a fun fact to learn. I was going to make him a cake but I was short an egg... is there anything you can use to substitute for an egg in baking? Maybe we´ll do that today.

It has been awesome opportunities to learn and grow you truly learn more from teaching, and I have realized my years of swim coaching and the time I spent coaching XC are coming in handy. Truly the lord prepares us for all things in his way and in his time.

I love you all AND miss you!!! Please keep me in your prayers. I need all the help I can get.

Love Elder Howe