Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 16, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!! I know it’s not today but I won’t get to say it until after the day so happy birthday!
This week we had a BAPTISM!!!! FINIALLY!!! Man it was a dry spell here for 5 weeks but Francisco (FRAN-CIS-CO "that’s a fun name to say" -Elf) was baptized. I’m excited to see him progress. Also it was cool I got to do an interview for a man who has been meeting with the missionaries for over a year!! He said, "This past year my life has changed, I was a drunken smoker who wanted nothing to do with anything, now I have a purpose, now I’m living my life" He has a new son and was just married last week. It’s cool to see how we can change lives.
We have a new investigator; he is addicted to CRACK.... yeah. But like the whole ward knows him and he was a reference of them so the whole ward is backing us up... which is good. He is loving the Book of Mormon, and said during the 2nd visit "today is the best day of my life, when I read I feel strength." The Book of Mormon is awesome, if you haven’t read it you should, it’s a great book.

Well all I miss you and love you hope your all surviving the heat, someone was telling me the USA was hot and people were dying, then then said how tolerant they (as people of the north east of brazil) are super strong and don’t feel anything hot, which is totally true these people don’t sweat... it’s like 37 Celsius I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit... but they don’t even have the fans on in their houses, they go and grab the fans when they see the sweat dripping from my chin... people CRAZY.... but they all say the worst is yet to be... Aug-Nov they say even the fans don’t help because they just push more to you, they say that they don’t even leave the house because the little children die... and that the stray cats and dogs die from lack of water, that the birds fly with one wing because they need the other to fan themselves... hahahah JK but they say it’s hot. That’s all love you!!
p.s. PACKAGE FROM DAIVD AND MOLLY IT WAS AWESOME I am going to eat a pop-tart today.. I'm excited.
Baptism of FRANCISCO, baptised by the member that gave us the referance, BOSS!

Ghost buster

Eating a "milkshakey"

The chapel, which is like on the other side of Brazil from my house!


A bird


Elder Macedo (in my district) and Domiciano (he is not in the CTM going to Honduras)

First day with Elder De Oliveira

Trainners and new missionaries

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