Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012


Another week in the mission.

This week was pretty awesome.  We were in a taxi going to meet the new President, just driving along and then I hear this noise TICK TICK TICK.... it sounded so familiar.... I look at the dashboard and yes there is was the long forgotten TURN SIGNAL!!!!! I had completely forgotten blinkers existed... man want a crazy world I live in haha.

Last p-day we went to Shopping aka the mall. But it’s under construction but we ate McDonalds and I even got the special edition Olympic cup! McDonalds is the best. When I was ordering my Big Mac the lady could not understand me when I said big mac so I had to say it with a Brazillian accent... "Bigy macky" hahahah it was a funny experience, my comp and I had a good laugh.

Speaking of which Elder De Oliveira is so awesome! He is always down to do whatever needs to be done. It will be exciting to see him grow here in the mission... update on Elder F Souza, he is in Sao Luise training in an area that was closed for 3 years... President Dias closed it because the missionaries were going to the beach with the young woman form the ward... Elder F Sousa is having fun there, he said it tough and he has been fasting a lot also his comp cries and looks at the photo of his girlfriend every night... Geeze I’m so glad to have my comp. but he told me in one day there he marked 10 Baptismal dates!!! 10 in ONE DAY!!!! He’s crazy.

Also we met a returned missionary in our ward she has gone through a lot of difficulties I wont relate them all but this much I will say:

#1) Missionaries are protected

#2) A testimony of the church will get you through thick and thin.

I want to thank Molly and David for the Birthday package... IT’S AWESOME!!! POP-TARTS!!!

Well I love you all and am so glad for all you guys do!!!

Sorry no photos this week my SD reader is dumb and won’t work.... UGH!!!!!!!!

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