Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

HURRICANE!!!! OH FREAK!!! Man that’s awesome!! Does that mean that maybe you won’t be able to watch the elections if the power goes out? It’s kind of silly even here in Brazil the news covers the elections. And EVERYONE here talks to me about it haha I always answer “look I don’t have time to read the news or watch it, you know more about it than I do”.

PARABÊNS Erica AND Irene for your new house!! That’s so exciting!!! And wow that happened really fast... like 2 weeks! 

This week was another AWESOME WEEK!!! The other companiship baptized the first family of the branch here in Araguaina! They are a special family. The youngest, Rodgeiro asked me to baptize him. it was quite the experience... the first attempt I thought all had gone well... turns out his feet come up... darn it! So I whispered to him “hey it’s all good just relax and don’t pick up your feet. Remember just like you’re sitting down”. We went for it again... same thing. Then a shout from the crowd "STEP ON HIS FEET" this poor kid was quite shaken, I whispered again “hey this time we got it we will all be good just relax and breath deep”. stood on his feet, he went under but not all the way his head was still above the water, wanting to keep true to my promise of "we got it this time" I took my hand from his back a pushed him under... yes like I was drowning him... but he went under.  Haha

This week I also had the opportunity to give a talk in sacrament, I gave it on Conversion. Basically I took some points from true to the faith. And just did a series of questions to make them think if they were HONSTELY converted to Christ and his gospel. I did a lot of questions and to those who are not doing their maximum it burned. But the thing is I am tired of members NOT MAGNIFYING THEIR CALLINGS! When you say you will do something do it, please. It is not your work, it is not the work of the bishop, no it is the work of the Lord and if you want to call yourself a convert to the gospel of Christ your actions AND priorities need to be in line with those of the savor.

Well I love you and wish you the best with the storm and the elections!!! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Man the weeks fly by...

This week we did a lot of hard working... which we have been learning is a lot more than just running around talking to everyone. We spent a lot of time organizing and planning. We divided the areas because now we only have 4 missionaries (I think I am in the smallest zone in the world) basically we gave Elder Santos and Elder Correia the best part of the city, where the members live and where all the families me and Elder Abreu found, live. Elder Abreu and I will pound out another 6 weeks finding families and creating the base for a future branch where very little work has been done before. WOOO!!!! 

Our focus is to create the base for a future branch in our area, so we have been organizing our area book and planning where we will work, where our centers of strength will be and all that jazz. Haha

Funny story time, last week Monday night we did a division, I went with Elder Santos to family night in a less active part member family’s house, so before p-day was over we baked a cake to take... well the cake finished and we had 5 min to get out the door before 6pm (end of p-day). We don’t have hot pads... so I grabbed the opened cardboard box of Book of Mormons ripped off the flaps grabbed a pan with the cardboard flaps I managed to get the cake in the pot. we left (not to mention we have to hike to the other side of the city for this family night. We start walking and every person on the street is staring at us, Two Tall White Men with a giant pot walking down the main street of the city. EVERY PERSON LOOKED TO SEE WHAT WAS IN THE POT! Haha. Then about half way there we begin to feel rain... ahhh fart! We get to the uphill part and the heavens open (not in the sense of revelation but in the meaning that BUCKETS OF CATS AND DOGS START FALLING FROM THE SKY, I’m not talking your normal Sunday this is your Brazilian rain forest wet season downpour....luckily I had an umbrella (THANK YOU MOM) sadly I was not thinking right... we covered the cake with the umbrella, and continued walking... we get to the house and to free my hand to clap Elder Santos takes the umbrella and raises it over our heads.... we just looked at each other and laughed... why didn’t we do this earlier the umbrella could of protected the cake AND us. haha oh well it was a great FHE and a funny night. 

Well family I love you!!! Keep the faith!

Love Elder Howe

BTW here are some photos of fruit here there are Mangos and Pique, I forget the other... haha 

October 15, 2012

Good day people!

I’m glad the funeral went well and that so many people were able to be there. I liked how Mom put it, "Aunt Helen would have been tickled"  haha

This week we had the division with the assistants. It went really well! They stayed here for 2 days and for the most part just helped me feel better about the work I am doing here. Elder Spackman stayed with me and helped in lighten my load. He is an awesome missionary. I have just kind of been feeling weighed down, but I’m feeling better now. I think it’s just a phase that happens near the 1 year mark. (AHHHH 1 year!!!)  They told us every area was having trouble finding families, we were the last division they did (they went to all the missions and did division with the zone leaders) and they said in every area they were looking for families to teach, but here they only had to teach, the lord has blessed us with families to teach. We just now have to help them progress.

The President also stopped by for a few hours, he spoke with us for an hour and a half then did some quick interviews with us (10 minutes/each) it was quick but also a great help. He told me that I am a "great missionary" that made me feel good about the work I have been doing here. He also told us the he is going to take a pair of missionaries out of here, so now there will only be 4 missionaries here, me and my comp are staying... but our zone just got even smaller. Haha so I’ll be here at least until the end of November. Probably a bit longer but at least until then, that makes me happy.

Last week the e-mail didn’t send because it had too many photos so sorry about that.

We are currently working on re-dividing the areas; it is going to take some work, a whole city for 4 missionaries won’t be easy!

It began raining this week... and boy did it rain they say it will rain here until May, but the good part is that now it’s a lot cooler. So the rain can keep coming. Last night I almost slept without a fan on... but it wasn’t quite THAT cold yet. Haha

I love you all and miss you so much!!!  Enjoy the fall! 

October 8, 2012

This week we helped build a house! Haha. It was our service project for the week, but I learned that to build a house you just need like bricks, cement, water, and dirt... WHO KNEW!?!?! The paste made is used to stick the bricks together. Haha.

We had a good time at conference... it was a humbling experience for me... I need to learn Portuguese better. The talks by d Todd Kristofferson GEEZE!! His vocabulary makes it hard to understand in English let alone in Portuguese.  (I look forward to an English Ensign to read :) )

We met this awesome family this week; Israel and Kati. We met them just knocking doors... in truth we knocked there because their neighbor has a HUGEEEE HOUSE and we were going to get the name, which we did but we went back to teach them this week and we just talked with them like old friends it was quite amazing. Our president told us we will never waste time getting to know a family it is always a good use of time. Also it is how to gain their confidence. 

Another family we are teaching; Celzo and Elinice they prayed about the Book of Mormon... she had a dream and realized that was her answer. They are marked to be baptized on the 27th but we need to get moving with their marriage first. 

I think one of the greatest promises I have found is in my call letter which states “as you serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength THE LORD WILL LEAD you to families who have been PREPARED to be baptized. Not just ready or who want to but families who are PREPARED! What an awesome promise. 

I was reflecting a bit about the change in age to serve a mission; now young men at 18 years old can serve. I encourage all who are 18 years old to seek personal revelation to know the will of God for your particular situation, pray and receive an answer.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I love this work of saving souls and changing lives. It is more rewarding then anything I have ever done. Keep doing what’s right and you’ll never regret it 

Love Elder Howe 

Friday, October 5, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey you Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man the weeks are flying, it’s probably because my companion is a BOSS!!! Haha 
Today I sent you guy a letter and the man asked if I wanted it by plane or boat.... WHAT THEY SEND MAIL BY BOAT!!! That blew my mind.... haha

I have a few pictures from this week: that little bug I ate... tasted like coconut... it like lives its whole life in a coconut, idk how it gets in side. But yeah it was strange. Haha. 
Then there is that green test tube, but it’s actually a soda bottle. They have that then they heat it up really hot then they stretch it and form it to the size they want that will make a 2L bottle... crazy right?!!
Then there is a photo of us enjoying the wind :) haha
ALSO THOUGHT you guys might like to see how they do bumper stickers here... they take up the whole window or sometimes the whole side of the car, haha it’s crazy and also they all have a tune that they play as the cars drive down the road... 

I’m super stoked for conference... but I’m pretty sure this time it will be in Portuguese because I happen to be the only American here in the city... haha I doubt they will give me a TV with English... maybe I can get someone’s computer or something but it won’t be that bad in Portuguese haha we shall see.

We bought glasses to look smarter... TOTALLY WORKED!!! I’ll have to show you guys a picture next week. But we went to this guy’s house, when he comes in the room he asked "how can I serve you?" I WAS LIEK WHAAAAAT???  He also called me intelligent at least 2 times, all because of the glasses haha.

So that pretty much all for this week I hope you all are doing well.  LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!