Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 23, 2012

FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you all doing?
This week was pretty good; it was a bit different because our new president; he is not so focused on BAPTISMS but on strengthening the area where we are located. So it’s not about baptizing every week but about how many people you have attending sacrament meeting, so our focus has changed... a lot. We are meeting with the leadership and helping them with some direction, they are all super excited but don’t know how to focus that excitement. So we are currently making a plan for the ward called a “Ward mission plan”. Should be helpful for them...

Francisco was confirmed this week (WOO WOO) and will receive the Priesthood next week.
Valdeini is progressing and has cut her normal one pack of smokes´ a day (FOR 30 YEARS!!!) down to less than half a pack. She loves this church and last time we were there she started calling the church "Nossa Igreja" or "Our Church" she was like I love OUR church because of this... and this.... she also said that she knows Heavenly father is helping her quit she feels his presence when she reads the Book of Mormon and goes to church AKA the HOLY SPIRIT!!! Man this work is awesome.

I had an interview this week with Jonas... he told me "elder after I read the introduction of the Book of Mormon I already knew this book was true." the interview was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission.
Of course this week also had some downs. one investigator Marciana has had strong answers for all her questions thought the holy ghost yet is not willing to act, it’s so sad when someone KNOWS the truth and won’t act... godly sorrow.

This week we also helped a woman on the road carry her bed frame to the bus stop... I wish I had asked where she was going.
This photos is Brother José Gomes (or ward mission leader BOSS)

Brother Wander (2nd counselor in the bishopric BOSS)
And sister Lindalva (wife of Jose Gomes HOSS)

And then just us goofing around before leaving for the Lan House (internet)
Transfers are today... we´ll see what happens I’m in the middle of training so makes sense I’ll stay here... but you never know


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