Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

HURRICANE!!!! OH FREAK!!! Man that’s awesome!! Does that mean that maybe you won’t be able to watch the elections if the power goes out? It’s kind of silly even here in Brazil the news covers the elections. And EVERYONE here talks to me about it haha I always answer “look I don’t have time to read the news or watch it, you know more about it than I do”.

PARABÊNS Erica AND Irene for your new house!! That’s so exciting!!! And wow that happened really fast... like 2 weeks! 

This week was another AWESOME WEEK!!! The other companiship baptized the first family of the branch here in Araguaina! They are a special family. The youngest, Rodgeiro asked me to baptize him. it was quite the experience... the first attempt I thought all had gone well... turns out his feet come up... darn it! So I whispered to him “hey it’s all good just relax and don’t pick up your feet. Remember just like you’re sitting down”. We went for it again... same thing. Then a shout from the crowd "STEP ON HIS FEET" this poor kid was quite shaken, I whispered again “hey this time we got it we will all be good just relax and breath deep”. stood on his feet, he went under but not all the way his head was still above the water, wanting to keep true to my promise of "we got it this time" I took my hand from his back a pushed him under... yes like I was drowning him... but he went under.  Haha

This week I also had the opportunity to give a talk in sacrament, I gave it on Conversion. Basically I took some points from true to the faith. And just did a series of questions to make them think if they were HONSTELY converted to Christ and his gospel. I did a lot of questions and to those who are not doing their maximum it burned. But the thing is I am tired of members NOT MAGNIFYING THEIR CALLINGS! When you say you will do something do it, please. It is not your work, it is not the work of the bishop, no it is the work of the Lord and if you want to call yourself a convert to the gospel of Christ your actions AND priorities need to be in line with those of the savor.

Well I love you and wish you the best with the storm and the elections!!! 

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