Monday, October 22, 2012

October 8, 2012

This week we helped build a house! Haha. It was our service project for the week, but I learned that to build a house you just need like bricks, cement, water, and dirt... WHO KNEW!?!?! The paste made is used to stick the bricks together. Haha.

We had a good time at conference... it was a humbling experience for me... I need to learn Portuguese better. The talks by d Todd Kristofferson GEEZE!! His vocabulary makes it hard to understand in English let alone in Portuguese.  (I look forward to an English Ensign to read :) )

We met this awesome family this week; Israel and Kati. We met them just knocking doors... in truth we knocked there because their neighbor has a HUGEEEE HOUSE and we were going to get the name, which we did but we went back to teach them this week and we just talked with them like old friends it was quite amazing. Our president told us we will never waste time getting to know a family it is always a good use of time. Also it is how to gain their confidence. 

Another family we are teaching; Celzo and Elinice they prayed about the Book of Mormon... she had a dream and realized that was her answer. They are marked to be baptized on the 27th but we need to get moving with their marriage first. 

I think one of the greatest promises I have found is in my call letter which states “as you serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength THE LORD WILL LEAD you to families who have been PREPARED to be baptized. Not just ready or who want to but families who are PREPARED! What an awesome promise. 

I was reflecting a bit about the change in age to serve a mission; now young men at 18 years old can serve. I encourage all who are 18 years old to seek personal revelation to know the will of God for your particular situation, pray and receive an answer.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I love this work of saving souls and changing lives. It is more rewarding then anything I have ever done. Keep doing what’s right and you’ll never regret it 

Love Elder Howe 

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