Monday, October 22, 2012

October 15, 2012

Good day people!

I’m glad the funeral went well and that so many people were able to be there. I liked how Mom put it, "Aunt Helen would have been tickled"  haha

This week we had the division with the assistants. It went really well! They stayed here for 2 days and for the most part just helped me feel better about the work I am doing here. Elder Spackman stayed with me and helped in lighten my load. He is an awesome missionary. I have just kind of been feeling weighed down, but I’m feeling better now. I think it’s just a phase that happens near the 1 year mark. (AHHHH 1 year!!!)  They told us every area was having trouble finding families, we were the last division they did (they went to all the missions and did division with the zone leaders) and they said in every area they were looking for families to teach, but here they only had to teach, the lord has blessed us with families to teach. We just now have to help them progress.

The President also stopped by for a few hours, he spoke with us for an hour and a half then did some quick interviews with us (10 minutes/each) it was quick but also a great help. He told me that I am a "great missionary" that made me feel good about the work I have been doing here. He also told us the he is going to take a pair of missionaries out of here, so now there will only be 4 missionaries here, me and my comp are staying... but our zone just got even smaller. Haha so I’ll be here at least until the end of November. Probably a bit longer but at least until then, that makes me happy.

Last week the e-mail didn’t send because it had too many photos so sorry about that.

We are currently working on re-dividing the areas; it is going to take some work, a whole city for 4 missionaries won’t be easy!

It began raining this week... and boy did it rain they say it will rain here until May, but the good part is that now it’s a lot cooler. So the rain can keep coming. Last night I almost slept without a fan on... but it wasn’t quite THAT cold yet. Haha

I love you all and miss you so much!!!  Enjoy the fall! 

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