Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Man the weeks fly by...

This week we did a lot of hard working... which we have been learning is a lot more than just running around talking to everyone. We spent a lot of time organizing and planning. We divided the areas because now we only have 4 missionaries (I think I am in the smallest zone in the world) basically we gave Elder Santos and Elder Correia the best part of the city, where the members live and where all the families me and Elder Abreu found, live. Elder Abreu and I will pound out another 6 weeks finding families and creating the base for a future branch where very little work has been done before. WOOO!!!! 

Our focus is to create the base for a future branch in our area, so we have been organizing our area book and planning where we will work, where our centers of strength will be and all that jazz. Haha

Funny story time, last week Monday night we did a division, I went with Elder Santos to family night in a less active part member family’s house, so before p-day was over we baked a cake to take... well the cake finished and we had 5 min to get out the door before 6pm (end of p-day). We don’t have hot pads... so I grabbed the opened cardboard box of Book of Mormons ripped off the flaps grabbed a pan with the cardboard flaps I managed to get the cake in the pot. we left (not to mention we have to hike to the other side of the city for this family night. We start walking and every person on the street is staring at us, Two Tall White Men with a giant pot walking down the main street of the city. EVERY PERSON LOOKED TO SEE WHAT WAS IN THE POT! Haha. Then about half way there we begin to feel rain... ahhh fart! We get to the uphill part and the heavens open (not in the sense of revelation but in the meaning that BUCKETS OF CATS AND DOGS START FALLING FROM THE SKY, I’m not talking your normal Sunday this is your Brazilian rain forest wet season downpour....luckily I had an umbrella (THANK YOU MOM) sadly I was not thinking right... we covered the cake with the umbrella, and continued walking... we get to the house and to free my hand to clap Elder Santos takes the umbrella and raises it over our heads.... we just looked at each other and laughed... why didn’t we do this earlier the umbrella could of protected the cake AND us. haha oh well it was a great FHE and a funny night. 

Well family I love you!!! Keep the faith!

Love Elder Howe

BTW here are some photos of fruit here there are Mangos and Pique, I forget the other... haha 

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