Friday, October 5, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey you Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man the weeks are flying, it’s probably because my companion is a BOSS!!! Haha 
Today I sent you guy a letter and the man asked if I wanted it by plane or boat.... WHAT THEY SEND MAIL BY BOAT!!! That blew my mind.... haha

I have a few pictures from this week: that little bug I ate... tasted like coconut... it like lives its whole life in a coconut, idk how it gets in side. But yeah it was strange. Haha. 
Then there is that green test tube, but it’s actually a soda bottle. They have that then they heat it up really hot then they stretch it and form it to the size they want that will make a 2L bottle... crazy right?!!
Then there is a photo of us enjoying the wind :) haha
ALSO THOUGHT you guys might like to see how they do bumper stickers here... they take up the whole window or sometimes the whole side of the car, haha it’s crazy and also they all have a tune that they play as the cars drive down the road... 

I’m super stoked for conference... but I’m pretty sure this time it will be in Portuguese because I happen to be the only American here in the city... haha I doubt they will give me a TV with English... maybe I can get someone’s computer or something but it won’t be that bad in Portuguese haha we shall see.

We bought glasses to look smarter... TOTALLY WORKED!!! I’ll have to show you guys a picture next week. But we went to this guy’s house, when he comes in the room he asked "how can I serve you?" I WAS LIEK WHAAAAAT???  He also called me intelligent at least 2 times, all because of the glasses haha.

So that pretty much all for this week I hope you all are doing well.  LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!

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