Friday, September 28, 2012

September 24, 2012

I saw that the yellow hat at the bus stop... and all I could think of was "WHERE IS CURIOUS GEORGE?" haha


This week was so much better. We got instructions at the leadership meeting that we need to be teaching 20 families with 5 progressing to get 1 baptism per month... we went to our area book and we had 9 families... so we went to work. We prayed and did a few fasts and DID WORK haha. We found 7 new families this week; the Lord blessed us so much.


We have begun changing our vision a lot... normally missionaries like to teach in the ghetto because the people there are more humble, but I got a training from Elder F Souza (biggest boss of all time) he told me of his week and how he got 20 references to rich people’s houses. He entered a house that had an OLYMPIC SIZED POOL!!! He said at the end of the lesson the owner of the house invited him to play tennis and go for a jog with him on a regular basis.... my jaw dropped. He gave me training on how to do it. So we are now applying it... I’ll get you guy’s feedback next week. This includes also having an appearance more dignified... like using suit coats and all that jazz actually getting a real hair cut this sort of stuff.


I was realizing how little I have recorded of my mission, so I am going to make a better effort to keep a record and take more photos and have a more complete journal. I keep my journal up to date I write in it every night but I think I could do a better job.


Elder Abreu is awesome! He has such a "great brain" (anyone remember that book other than Mom?) He will analyze stuff and sometimes we just sit and converse about meetings we had, or lessons or how to help the Elders here always ends up with a conclusion that will improve the situation.


We are currently working on a map of the city... it’s going to be HUGE!!! We will take pictures, and put pins in to mark the investigators, members, etc. I’m excited.


Erica you asked what I’m am eating... I sent a picture of a typical (no sorry that pasta salad was the best I have had here in Brazil) salad that we eat. My diet consists of this:


Breakfast- 2 eggs w/ cheese and a nice cold glass of water or juice of some sort with a fruit orange (which are green here in Brazil)

Lunch - IS AT THE MERCY OF THE SISTERS IN THE WARD. Haha I literally have no control over what I eat for lunch

Dinner a milkshake of some sort I make it out of milk, bananas and nesquick.


That’s normally what I eat OBVI there is variation in the day and all that good stuff. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND MISS YOU HOPE YOU LIKE THE PHOTS!!


An Ant we found at a members house


Larva we will eat on Tuesday (we didn’t that night because we were fasting)


A dessert (probs the best one yet it was like strawberry pudding but it tasted just like strawberry’s with powdered sugar IT WAS SOO GOOD!!!


The other is the elders here.


Elder Abreu

Elder Antonio (the black one)

Elder Sobral (the small one)

Elder Santos (the big white one that looks American)

Elder Correia (Looks like Mr. Zlatnick my 10 grade Spanish teacher)


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