Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012

HEY ALL!!!!!!!

This week Lucas was baptized (he’s the one dancing in the photos) He had told us many times... I know I need to be baptized and I know you have the authority so let’s do this.  We plan on getting him the p-hood this week so then he can baptize his friend, Glaydson  this Sunday (my 20th birthday WOOT WOOT).  Glaydson was going to be baptized yesterday but something happened not sure what... we will visit him tonight, he has been having problems at work at home and also headaches from giving up coffee.

The miracle this week... Michael (I’m not sure what I’ve told you about him... probably nothing). Two weeks ago we did a street contact with Michael, invited him to be baptized... he accepted went to church that Sunday we gave him a Book of Mormon at church, by Tuesday when we visited him he had read up to 3 Nephi  11 and then started at the beginning (the introduction and everything) and read till chapter 5... He accepted to be baptized on the 3rd (my birthday) then this Sunday he came to church and stayed for the baptism at which he talked with Elder F Souza he said " I’m moving Saturday... can I be baptized Wednesday.. I already got a response I know this is what I need to do." We told him yes! Now we are teaching him everything before he moves to Brazilla to baptize him and confirm him. I just am wondering where these people were the first 12 weeks I was here...

Also this week we have a wife of an active member who we will baptize. He started coming back to church with the birth of his child and she is excited to build her family on a sure foundation. We will also be baptizing Wanda, her son Ivan and his son Cassio. All 3 were references of a member... she is 95 years old.... EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY!!! Cassio has already said he wants to serve a mission!  The lord is blessing me here is Brazil.  I have been learning lots; mostly the importance of baptism... talking about baptism... eating baptism and sleeping baptism you know all baptism, missionaries baptize, members convert.  It took me more than 6 months to figure that out... but now I LOVE my purpose. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Howe
 The photos this week are of of us and Lucas. Then us at our lunch yesterday, the kids wanted to play with my camera. It gives you guys a good look into Brazilian life. Maybe I'll have kids take more pictures :) hahah

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