Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012


This week was awesome! We had 2 baptisms and 3 confirmations!!! The Lord is blessing this work.

So first Michael was baptized on Friday and the same day he got the gift of the Holy Ghost (confirmation) we baptized him in like 2 feet of water, because our font is silly like that... so his knees almost didn’t go under. Elder F Souza baptized him and I helped.  For this reason I’m in white in the photo because I had to help him get him out of the water, it was so low hahah. 

Nara was the other baptism, she is married to a member I told you about who was less active for 5 years and returned to the church after the birth of his baby.  He is super awesome and just wants everyone to have the same firm foundation he has found to build their family (see matt 7:24-27) --- I love using that scripture. Also my birthday miracle during sacrament was when Iracema walked in with assistance.  We baptized her like a month ago but as of yet she hadn’t been to church to receive the holy ghost... but there she was!  I was amazed... it has been tough because she has problems walking and... Well yeah, I’ll leave it at that.

Also Lucas received the holy ghost he pulled an all-nighter at work but he told us,  “I need to go to church because this Sunday I will get the gift of the holy ghost... and ta-da!! He was there.  It’s pretty awesome being a part of changing ppls lives.

Thanks family for the package i got all the decorations we will surely have a truck theme party today! The pocket knife has come in handy fighting off wild cats... JK Marlene. And the candy is supreme!!!!  You guys are the bomb diggity!

Love and miss you all!!!!

About the Photos, 
That’s the neighborhood where the church is and yes I was coaching that kid how to run.... haha not really but the kids wanted to take photos again so I let him.... it also looks like he took some photos of the power rangers...

Baptism of Michael, with his aunt and cousin.

Baptism of Nara with Manuel, Ana Florencea (his mom) and Irmã Lurdes


Hey I would really like it if you guys would send me your testimonies of the restoration of the gospel, to strengthen mine.  I also would like to use them when I give the message of the restoration... so it would be good to receive your guys´. 

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