Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21st

Baptism of Hermina, it gave me another opportunity to feel like a giant
HELLO ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!
Another good week here in Brazil... things are starting to heat up... the rain has stopped so now it’s just a lot of sun I think we hit over 40C a few times this week... I don’t even know what that converts to, anyone have an easier way of converting then the whole -32 x (9/5) thing it would be helpful. haha The missionary work is going along great; One story, my miracle this week.
Michael is his name he is 18 we were walking in our area going to an appointment in the afternoon (this is the same time of day when everyone is sleeping so no one is out on the streets) this guy was waiting for the bus we did our normal street contact and  talked about Christ, the apostasy and the restoration of the priesthood to baptize (in simpler words) we then invited him to be baptized... he said "yeah I’ve actually just been waiting for an invitation to be baptized, I don’t really like my current church." Elder F. Souza and I nearly fell over backwards!!!! We invited him to church and the next day he was there at church! We plan to baptize him on the 3rd of June.
Other story: walking down the street (by the way this one is just funny) a man is weeding the road... yeah it happens. We pass by; he says “HEY a little help!” so I give my comp my bag and start weeding for him, he talks to Elder F Souza and then after 3 minutes says, “thanks for the help, it’s hard work weeding the road, next time you pass by I’ll buy you some ‘smokes’” I declined... haha
Lucas and Glaydson should be baptized this week. We are helping Glaydson with coffee and Lucas just wants to be baptized with his friend. We have resolved their doubts of tithing and now it’s off to the font!!!
Please keep me in your prayers!! I love you all and wish you all a super fun summer... enjoy the pool!
Love Elder Howe

Irma Lindalva and Valiera (she helps out alot with missionary work and will leave on her mission this year)

Hunting for baptisms with this hat

The river in Teresina, I foget the name

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