Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7th

Well it’s almost MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Which means I get to call home! In my mission we get to use skype!! I’m excited, this has been the longest in my life I have gone without hearing my family (6 months)......... on that note I have now hit my 6 month mark!

If I could express in this letter all the things I have learned... well it would be a big letter, but sadly time and my finger strength are not enough to write it all. So I will just hit some highlights:

1. By praying we are legit talking to God. He hears every one of our prayers and will answer them if done with faith, real intent and if the prayer is sincere. ( D & C 98 1-3)

2. Active patience is the key to learning. We will not nor cannot learn everything all at once, we are to continue in diligence studying and little by little, we learn, aka you can’t "cram" to learn a language it might work for the SOL´s but not a foreign language or the teachings of Christ.

3. Education has an immeasurable value

4. Christ asks us to be humble so that we can learn to be what he wants us to be. If we are humble he will shape us through our challenges and weaknesses. Trust in him to make you better, and he will.

5. He never said it would be easy, just worth it.

Love you all!

Love, Elder Howe

p.s. sorry for no pictures, I've become lazy with my camera.

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