Friday, May 18, 2012

May 14th


This was another awesome week. Had a baptism, Hermina, she is the mother of my first baptism, Liliane. Sorry no photos this week I will remember my camera next week :)

This week we also met a young couple that has an 8 month child and are very open to being baptized. They had never met an American before... and they recorded me as I was trying to get to know them... it was weird, they even recorded me presenting my pictures of my photo album... I finally said “can we pray?” and they were going to record the prayer TOO!!! I said “I don’t feel right recording the prayer” so they turned it off. haha it was funny. I felt like a freak show.

I had a talk in sacrament meeting, and spoke about Missionary work (big surprise) I gave the ABC's of missionary work they don’t translate to English but I’ll give them to you guys and you can apply them. Today we have many members who want to share the gospel but just have a fear about it, so I hope these steps can give those of you with fear some light on the situation:

1.   Present the information (“The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ, we have the old testament, new testament, and another testament of Christ”)

2.  Share your basic testimony (“I know for myself the Book of Mormon is true”)

3.  Invite them to church or to read the Book of Mormon (“I have 2 friends who would like to explain more about this and how to know for yourself it is true, come on over to my house...”)

4.  Just speak simply and clearly

5.  Don’t fear

Follow these steps and I am sure you will increase the baptism in your ward. Lessons in members’ homes are GOLD!!

I love you all!

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