Tuesday, May 1, 2012

30 of April

Roasting marhmellows (my comp is pretty inexperienced in the whole roasting buiness) I also taught him about Smores!

Then we just had a boss photoshoot out in the forest (where we eat lunch alot of times) The members live out there.

And we had a baptism

 The Brazillian equilivant of Aunt Helen. She lives with a member family and just was never baptized due to her inability to walk. With a lift from a member we had a baptism with both of us in the water!

This week we baptized, after many fasts and hours of praying the Lord truly helped us; we found a mother of a member who really just wasn’t baptized because she hadn’t been asked or hadn’t  the means provided to be baptized; mainly a car ride to the chapel which is on the same street that she lives. We provided those things and had a baptism. I thought when we got in the water she would change her mind… but her faith was strong and with two missionaries in the water we had a baptism!!!
We are also teaching Genival he is a brother of two members of our ward, we have been inviting him to be baptized for quite some time and we have continued teaching him mainly because he keeps reading the Book of Mormon and has a solid testimony; now he has accepted a date, the 19th of may. When we first asked if the 19th was good for him, he sat there with his family (we will have to marry them too) for about 8 minutes in silence... waiting for a reply... he thought and thought, and then responded "Irmão aquela dia eu vou ser batizado" or in English, “Brother that day I will be baptized.” What a sweet feeling. He actually was the first person I taught here in the field way back in January with Elder Harding... so slowly but surely the work of the Lord is going on in this area.
Love you ALL!!!!!!
Elder Howe

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