Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013

This week was really awesome it was kinda like the first time this month that we haven't had a mtg to plan or some interruption, it was quite nice to just do missionary work.
The miracle that happened (not counting the baptism) is a family that Elder Petersen found while i was on division. Their names are Conceição and Ribomar. they were taught 1 yr ago by the elders but like the elders didn't make a record or maybe it just got lost. They were found when Elder Petersen went knocking on doors... the first door he knocked there came a man with a smile and a woman greeting them and asking them to come in. They later went on to find out about how they had been found before, the story i described above. They also met their son Mario who was also taught and declared to the elders "I read the book of Mormon and I know it is true." They taught a lesson about families and spoke about baptism; when i returned with my comp the next day i sat awe inspired as Conceição spoke of her desire to be baptised and to be a more obedient daughter of god. We shed tears together after which Ribomar declared " we have been together since we were 15 year old, more then 50 years ago, its time for us to get married!" That night they went to the baptism where they were well received and adored the meeting. Then on Sunday they went to church and were so in love with the whole meeting that after they had left they had to return again to tell us. Truly the lord is preparing his children ALWAYS!
Other news I am going to be transferred to Imperatriz, as zone leader there. It's a smaller zone, only has 7 sets of Elders (no sisters) but the thing is, my comp and I are going to be new in the area... and the zone. My new comp is Elder Rais. He is just getting out of the mission office as secretary after 9months serving there. I'm excited to work with him, but at the same time i will definitely miss this ward, my companion and this city. It has been an awesome 5 months here of hard work and great success that the lord has given me.
Well I hope you all have an awesome week... please keep me in your prayers as I go to this new city.
Love you all!

-Elder Howe


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