Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

How is it already may?!?
Well this week not much happened... like really not much at all! I left my area Wednesday morning for Teresina, I stayed there all of Wed, Thursday, and Friday. I left Friday night and arrived here in my new area after a 13 hour bus ride. Saturday we organised the house and cleaned it... it was a mess. And then Sunday we went to church like legit that was my week I didn't get to do to much teaching because we are really just kinda organising things here so that we have a good base to start from.

Oh so Thursday I got my visa renewed!! YAY after 6 months of being illegal. hahah I'm now legal again!
My new companion is Elder Rais, he is from Rio Grande do Sul it's at the very south end of Brazil and he is awesome!!! He was in the office as the a Secretary for the President for 11 months and in that calling you don't get much time to teach... so he is super ready to just go to town. He is really funny and we are super excited to be here.

Saturday when we arrived literally 30 min after we got in our house the Ward mission leader knocked on our door, it was like 8:30am. He was like hey you 2 are the new elders, welcome to the ward! I'll be here at like 11:30 and help you guys get to lunch. LIKE WWWWHAT!!!??? not even 30 min passed since we arrived, I was blown away. Then later Saturday we had a mtg with him he gave us the low down on everything...all the investigators and stuff. Honestly I have never seen a ward so organized here in Brazil. Sunday in Elders Quorum the Bishop got up and said "look we have 2 new elders in the ward and they don't know anything about the area, so we are going to assign you all to go with them every night this week. who can go Tuesday? and wed.? etc." he did that for like a few min and we now have a week full of visits with the members!!! I'm so excited to work here!!!

so basically that's all i got this week i love you and miss you all!!! --
-Elder Howe


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  1. Keep up the good work, Elder!

    Love, the Gallachers