Monday, April 22, 2013

April 15, 2013

We had such a good end of the week that all our problems melted away in the São Luis heat hahah. Everything went swimmingly with the weddings and the baptisms. It was such a neat experience to see them dressed in white and enter the waters of baptism.
We have been teaching Isaias and Da Paz since JUNE 2012!!!! That's like forever ago and I feel honored to have been a small part of their eternal progress. The best part is that this week we were able to set a baptism date with Weber, one of their 9 children! He will be baptised on the 27th and isaias will be able to do the baptism! All the BETTER!!
Joelma was so happy at the baptism because her son, Ian did the opening prayer at the baptism and it was quite a special moment for her. Her husband, Jose who was also at the baptism decided that he wanted to be baptised too.... when I hear that my jaw almost dropped off. Our Ward Mission Leader was talking to him about how he has to go to the temple with Joeloma and get married there too because in the Temple the wedding is 1000x better there and lasts all eternity! And he was like alright, well yeah, I'll get baptised then... hahaha so the 27th we will also baptise him. The other amazing part was that he came to church on Sunday, usually he always used the excuse of watching soccer, but this Sunday he just went to church (idk maybe his team wasn't playing haha)
So those are just some of the miracles that we saw last week.
This week the assistants will visit us, they are coming in tonight and will stay for 2 days!!! On Thursday we have a meeting with Elder Godoy of the 70, so we will have to plan and prepare the chapel for that visit, AWESOME!!! I'm excited to get to hear what he has to say to us.
Well thanks and have a awesome week!

-Elder Howe

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