Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 22, 2013

WOW what a week.

So we hada crazy time coming up with tables and chairs and everthing for the meeting with Elder Godoy. At 7pm the night before we still haden't even found tables to eat lunch on.. IMAGINE eatting lunch and making Elder Godoy sit on the floor! hahah that would of been HORRIBLE! hahah but the lord always provides a way we found tables and everthing.

He taught us about the importance of the book of mormon, studying (just like dad talked about in his talk) and also using it to invite others to come to christ though baptism. Elder Godoy is a very spritual man, he reminded me a lot of Brother Updike, just very intune with the spirit, able to call down the spirit at any time. As he read the introduction to the BOM I became teary eyed.. I know that this man is called of god.

We had a good divison with the Assistants to the mission President, they payed us some very nice complements. It is nice to see my leaders so concerned and involved with my progress as an Elder.

All three, Weber (son of Isais e Da Paz), Gabriel, and José passed thier baptism interviews!! so next Saturday is BAPTISM day!!!

Love you all, sorry I don't have photos this week, I forgot my camera.

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