Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 8, 2013



Well Conference was AWESOME!!!!!!! here they still do it by satellite not internet... and Sunday morning the satellite was not working or something... so we didn’t get it in English ha-ha but all the rest was super sweet. I loved the p-hood sesh talks by McAllister and also Beck.


Joelma was interviewed and passed so all will go according to plan for her Saturday baptism. Isaias and Da Paz were also interviewed... they didn’t pass because of some past problems... this family has gone through more hardship and obstacles to get baptized then I have ever seen... but president said that they can still be baptized this week they just have to re-interviewed, so we are going to mark it and pray that they can also be baptized this week. Their weeding is on Friday. I AM SO STOKED FOR THIS SATURDAYS BAPTISMS!!! This ward has truly been a testimony to me that when the leadership of the ward is doing its best (even though it’s not perfect) that the lord will still bless all those involved and the salvation of his children will go forth.


We had our zone meeting on Friday that went well, we have some awesome elders here and I’m excited to be able to work with them... even though the transfer is half way over I feel like it just started.

I had the chance to do a division this week with Elder Davis (he was from my group in the MTC) he is now a district leader/ trainer here in São Luis. Basically I just sat down and taught him his responsibilities as a district leader (seeing as he has never been one) I really wish someone had done the same for me when I was called to be a district leader... I have definitely learned that it is so important to truly help those who are under our responsibility, to sit talk and converse with them to love them.


We had a cool experience this week. Bruno a 22 year old who was a reference from a member, we went to go teach him for the 2nd time this week. The first time we visited him he told us his family (he his "wife" and his daughter) were passing though problems. We taught them how the gospel would bless their lives. He loved it and knew the things we taught were true because he had seen the change in his member friend´s family. When we returned this week we learned that he and his "wife" had separated and that he truly was feeling alone. He teared up many times during the lesson as we explained to him the book of Mormon and how it helps us come unto Christ to have happiness with our families. Forever. He had not only read the pamphlet that we left with him the first visit but had answered all the questions in the back! This Sunday he went to conference with his daughter. We will continue to work with him and mark a date with him this week.


Well I love you all and miss you hope the conf weekend went well! LOVE YOU!!!


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