Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January 29, 2013

Hey family and peeps,

I went to Teresina again! Yay for losing a p-day every month! haha but its honestly 100% worth it, the stuff I learn there is priceless.

This week we had 8 people at church! I WAS LIKE WAAAAAAA it was so awesome! Elder King and I were so excited. That family we found last week (Itaguaçy and Raissa) they both went! It was awesome!

The bus on the way to Teresina was so awesome! We were basically in lazy-boyz, then the return trip was a bit different, man those busses get so cold and on the way home it was more like sitting in a dinning room chair. ha-ha... last night was a rough night’s sleep.

We are having success here in the zone. This month sadly we didn’t have a baptism of a family but next moth it’s going to be a "show" as the Brazilians say. A lot of family’s got married and Elder King and I are planning on doing interviews out the wa-zoo!! ha-ha

We also found out that those egg things/saw dust I found on our table is made by worms. we found a bunch of holes and they have these worms in them (you know from like star wars when try’s to eat melenuimfalcon but a 100000000x smaller) so we put tape over those holes too. Hahahah, I don’t know, they are related to the fly’s that flew out that one day but I’ll keep you all updated.


At Subway

With Elder Rogers

São Luís International Airport

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