Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hello all,

So some videos you guys should see the dead mouse we found in our apartment that gave us a scare and also the classic "Brazilian fireworks in the daytime!" hahah

Other news: So for quite some time near our dining room table we have found little plies of what looks like saw dust being that I haven’t even seen a saw in over a year we have be quite perplexed as to what it was. Today we received our answer. I was showering Elder King started yelling I thought oh maybe more coach roaches or a dead rat... but no what it was is 20-30 flying bugs coming out of a little hole in the side of our table, they just kept coming out like pilots from a areal show... this continued until we put tape over the hole... we shall see what happens next....

This week was had some good experiences.

1) Paulo Sergio is a man who was taught like 3 years ago, I think I talked about him last week, well this week he went to church! His baptism is for the 26th. But so we went to teach him and we were like alright let’s teach him the word of wisdom so he can start getting over his addiction now... turns out he doesn’t have any! Every once in a while he drinks coffee but he doesn’t even like it... hahah what a miracle!

2) Isaías and Da Paz are going through what the divorce (her divorce from another marriage) this week, so basically that means in 20 days they can get married!!! AND THEN BAPTISED!! They have been taught for over 6 months! Time to add water!

3) We returned to Alex and Eudenei... Eudenei wants to go to church and has even gotten a response about the Book of Mormon. Alex hasn’t read it yet... we gave a message about the restoration (what’s the movie? thank you mom) and he was like "wow I really relate to Joseph, and if this book is true then what you guys are saying is true and I need to be baptized" man I love teaching smart people. We will continue to work with them... sadly hey didn’t go to church this week.

Man I am loving it here in São Luis...we got some new district leaders who trust us and we trust them so things should take off now... before I felt like Elder King and I were carrying a lot of weight but now we can delegate it to them so life got easier!

I love you guys and miss you all!!!

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