Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 4, 2013


A bunch of MERICALS happened. I’ll just name a few.


We were teaching this family for the first time and like always we were going to do the opening prayer Elder King asked if there was anything they wanted him to ask for in this prayer. They explained about a friends friend who was in a coma, so we said a prayer and Elder King asked that the man be healed according the will of God. We went on with the lesson. 5 minutes into the lesson the wife got a text... the man had come out of his coma. We sat in silence for a while in awed at the MERICAL that had just taken place. It amazes me at how the Lord ALWAYS hears our prayers, all of them. I do not doubt that for one minute.


Another MERICAL: We had a rushed week; we were planning for meetings and doing a bunch of administrative work, doing the actual missionary work was tough to find time to do. We put the things necessary for our zone first and sacrifice our area a little bit. As we were going to church like always we passed by the houses of our investigators, we get to the church do a bit of cleaning and we wait by the door to greet people, well something strange happened... people came, a lot of people. The attendance last week was 81 whereas this week it was 110! A lot of those people were visitors who members had brought (we had 14 of them) I HAVE NEVER HAD 14 VISITORS IN CHURCH!!! EVER THAT’S CRAZY!! So we are going to go after the people this week and we should have a bit more success with baptisms here.


We had a cool lesson with a man named Denilson, he went to church last week and we taught him. He accepted a date in the first lesson and he accepted all of the restoration! It was so awesome! His date is for the 16th.


Well I love you guys and thank you so much for the support! Hope all is well after the super bowl! Next year I’ll be happy to see the redskins win it.


Love, Elder Howe



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