Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

The first is a picture of Jesus... that soda that is. so sac-religious

Sunrise from our appartment

Walking to the internet like 5 minutes ago where we found a goat on our way... totes normal here but thought you would like the picture.

So this week was SO AWESOME!!! I wish everyone could of been with me as it unfolded.... I am so blown away at how much the Lord will bless us if we just hold on and continue in doing what we know is right.

Just as a recap:

First I’ll talk about Weberson.
He is a 14 yr. old who went to church last week after a friend had invited him, he went home from church and told his mom "I will be baptized on the 23rd" keep in mind this was before we had even talked to him. We passed by there on Wednesday and we find out his mom is an inactive member of 15 years, who left after someone offended her. She gave us a long sad story of how her other son was shot and killed, she blamed it on the fact that she did not allow him (her oldest son) to be baptized in "the church of the elders" she said that she supports Weberson 100% and will also return to activity in the church. We marked Weberson to be baptized on the 2nd of March, THIS SATURDAY!!! He already passed the interview and all is a go for his baptism. He also wants to serve a mission... because he is a boss.

Ian is an 11 yr. old. He is a nephew of a member who just returned to activity in the church. He will also be baptized this Saturday, but here is the best part of the story, last Sunday his Mom, Joelma went to church; we went to go visit her after Sunday, we had a lesson planned to show her why she needed to be baptized in our church (seeing as she had already been baptized). When we got there she sat down and said “I will be baptized together with my son." I had to put my hand on my chin to keep my jaw from falling off... I was like awesome but we got to talk about some things... like you need to get married with the man you are living with. She said alright let’s get married. On Saturday they went to talk to the bishop about some help with money and the bishop told us after the interview " LETS MARRY SOME PEOPLE!"" she already wants to go to the temple and she will be baptized on the 23rd if all goes well with the marriage.

We had another man we taught on Monday. He name is Edson, he talk to a member of the church about how he wanted the missionaries to pass by so we passed by. He is the next Elder’s quorum president. We got there and we had left him with a pamphlet about the restoration (normally people lose it by the time we meet with them) he had read it and had questions about the Book of Mormon... He was like "man you know I am just looking for you to peach to my soul." everything he said was just so right on with everything we have to offer. We marked like a bunch of stuff for him to read... Sometimes we get excited and give people a bunch of homework. We went back last night to talk to him, he told us you know what Elders, for two days after our conversation I felt the peace of spirit, I read that stuff and I didn’t get to think about it too much but I just felt so good. He well be baptized here shortly.

So that is a brief recap of the week I love you all and I know that this is the Lords church and it is true and anyone who wants to know can find out.

Love you all

Elder Howe

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