Monday, March 11, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hello Family!!!

The Month of February was not the best month in the world... actually in truth was worst then December which basically means that we took a huge step back as a zone last month. Elder King and I were very concerned last week and we planned to have a meeting with our district leaders. Which we did and we showed them the numbers... pretty much everyone one was horrified as they saw the totals of the month. It was ugly... but in preparing for the meeting me and elder king decided that we would focus on the basics again and just start it back up. So we focused on the contact. Opening our mouth with everyone in every situation and just speaking to everyone... we used some scriptures and stuff and actually it was a pretty spiritual call to repentance we gave them, but this week things are already looking up. The month of March will be awesome and I’m excited!

The Lord blessed us with 2 baptisms this week!!! Ian and Weberson (dom-dom is his nick-name) the baptism was really awesome and both parents of Ian showed up. also the mom of Weberson (I think it’s been more than 15 years since she has not set foot in the church went not only to the baptism but also sacrament meeting on Sunday!!! Man it was so awesome!!! This is the reason that I do missionary work because it is the work of God and it changes lives FOREVER. I can’t imagine my joy when at the last day I am able to see the people whose lives I had a small part in helping make better and happier.

Another merical happened on Sunday an inactive member (who went to church last week just because someone called him) came back again this week.... with his wife... 2 kids...his sister in law... her 2 kids... his niece and also the neighbor.... WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw them coming up the pathway in to the church I thought that people were visiting from another ward... This Member is still keeping all the commandments (with exception of Sunday attendance). That stands as a testimony to me of the importance of friendship in the church. How many more people we could help who already were baptized if we would just reach out in love to them and call them... that’s all it takes sometimes.

We had a cool experience at one of the bus stops there was this pastor how was holding a bible spinning around yelling "SAÍ!!! Saí!!" which means LEAVE!!! LEAVE!!! I’m pretty sure he was casting out devils... it was quite a sight... oh he was also selling a cd with his sermons. I should have bought one...

I would like to ask for your prayers for Isaias and Da Paz they are going to go tomorrow to get the divorce of Da paz finished so they can marry and get baptized please pray for her ex-husband to have his heart softened.

Well I love you all and miss you!!




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  1. Dude the family in that third picture is the one i baptized right before we were comps Elder Howe! Good to know they are still getting visits!!! By the way this is Elder Harding!! I know you wont read this but you rock and enjoy the mish it passes so fast!!!