Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 27, 2012


Some photos of me and Elder Borges (Elder Wanderson)

I’ve just been trying to relax a little bit and focus more on helping people... like really helping people. Elder Bourges is awesome but the thing is he has yet to pass in the MTC so it’s a bit different training than I’m used to. But none the less he is an Elder Howe certified BOSS. Haha.

We found this awesome family this week, Maludicer and his wife Oslana. We talked with them Saturday night... they had gotten married last week and are currently going to another church and have 8 months there but are super open and the very next day were at church... MIRACLE!!!

We are preparing for zone conference this week. The Mission President will come here Saturday and we will have a meeting that I’m in charge of and I will give training and that’s pretty much a zone conference. But I need to prepare the chapel and get food etc. He will meet with all the men in the branch and will stay here over night until Sunday (maybe in our house... haha I doubt it). On Sunday we will have a branch conference like stake conference but.... smaller... way way smaller. haha so I’m excited for that.

Our investigator, Leila prayed about the restoration... and then she had a dream! IT WAS SO COOL. In the dream she went to a church that taught the same doctrine as ours and her mom was inside crying... she went to her mom and prayed with her then her mom turned happy and was smiling, then she went to the front and a choir was singing she joined in the choir then after the song they all put their hands out and said GOD GIVE US YOUR BLESSING.... the room was filled with a bright bluish light... and then she woke up... I was amazed. That lesson we taught her about the Book of Mormon... in the pamphlet we read with her the first sentence says "God knowing the confusion that would be on the earth brought forth a LIGHT.... aka the BOOK OF MORMON! AND IT’S EVEN BLUE!!! haha she loved it... we also told her that the doctrine she was learning would bring happiness to her parents and to her future family, that’s was why her mother turned happy. Quite a cool experience, full of the spirit. MAN A MISSION IS GREAT! I KNOW THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE AND TEACHES WITH THE BIBLE the correctness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well I love you all and miss you!!!

LOVE Elder Howe

P.S. Pray Andrea will not have a desire to smoke and that I can gain the trust of the branch and work better with them. Thank you and love you!!



  1. I love this blog. Thanks for sharing these great stories. Our family prays for you and talks about you often. Keep on keepin on...

    All our love,
    David, Heidi, Joseph, Evie and Mary

  2. OMG! I am really ugly in that pictures! hahaha!
    I finished my "short mission", was amazing work with Elder Howe! He is a good man! I learned a lot of things with him!