Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 13, 2012


Another awesome week, OF COURSE! hahah. Elder Yorgason is getting ready to leave next week so I might be put into a another companionship until the end of the transfer... I’m hoping that doesn’t happen but it is the most likely thing as we are 18 hours away and leaving in the middle of the transfer (he is going back to start school) I don’t think I’ll get a new comp until the beginning of September... hahaha but we shall see.

This morning we went to a waterfall with one of the members it was really cool. Since its Monday morning there was no one there... it would have been nice to go swimming! As we were getting ready to leave, Elder Yorgason swung on a vine... he must of disturbed a nest or something because these black bugs came out of nowhere and were swarming us... I don’t even know what they were, looked like a little black bee... luckily they didn’t sting or anything just like got in our hair; we started running and pulling them out of our hair… we left shortly after. 

We had an investigator pass his interview Saturday so he will be baptized this coming Saturday, he is 21 and of course he´s a boss. Sunday he woke up his member friend to go to church on time. He will be a great addition to the church here.

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