Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 20, 2012


This week was sad Elder Yorgason left so now I don’t have my comp... the Assistants called and said my comp for the next 2 weeks is going to be a 20 year old from the branch here... These next 2 weeks are going to be a great learning experience!!! hahah

This week we did some fun things to celebrate the mission of Elder Yorgason; we had a camp out (see photo) we went on an adventure looking for a family that wanted us to visit them... (see picture of us walking in the middle of the desert) and we created some good memories. Elder Yorgason was a great example to me and it is sad to see him go.

Wanderson will be my comp for the next 2 weeks he is preparing to do his full time mission by the end of the year. He was baptized 4 years ago after reading the Book of Mormon in one week, he knew baptism was the right thing (man I love that book) he was baptized in São Paulo and returned here last week. There was no reason for the visit... just to see his Grandma but now he knows it was to help him prepare for his full time mission. I will begin training him tomorrow and I think he may very well be the first non-full-time Zone leader. haha 

We had a baptism this week!!! Wítallo!!! (Wheat-a-low) He is awesome and a total boss!! haha love that word. His sister was baptized last month and his other sister will be baptized as soon as the papers for her marriage are finalized. Then we will work on baptizing her husband. 

We were at an FHE last week on a member’s front patio and this motorcycle came through our FHE… hahah oh Brazil. It was quite funny and the next day we were getting ready to teach a lesson and 2 drunks came up and proceeded to sit down and started mumbling things from the Bible... it was unexpected... it’s so sad to see people’s lives ruined because they can’t control their desires and wants.

Well I miss you guys and hope all is well back home! Sorry about last week it looks like the email didn’t send... so thank you Erica for telling me... I would not have known. Just inform me if you don’t get a group message.

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