Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

This week was really good we had 3 baptisms, Maira, Wanda, and Glaydson.  Glaydson is twenty-four, I know he looks pretty young but his just short... we like baptizing short people. hahah
This week we also had the temple dedication of Manaus. We got to watch it... I had never seen a temple dedication before it was awesome! So full of the spirit; it also reinforced my faith in this work I would love to have all the people I meet go to the temple and get married there, because in the temple marriage never ends, it’s not till death do you part... its FOREVER! What a blessing.
Wanda (one who was baptized) she told us the day of her baptism was the happiest day of her life! I was like so happy... she is looking for peace and continuing on this path living the teachings of Christ she will find it... and she knows that!! Man I was so happy.
Maria she had been reading the Book of Mormon and is now in Alma 42... She was investigating for 2 months and she is in ALMA!!! Holy cow....
Glaydson he has a family and now we will work with his family and show them how much more happiness they can have in this life... he told us the first day we met him... I have looked into all the churches with the exception of yours... I want to join the best church... we then taught him you don’t have to settle for the best church when you can join THE TRUE CHURCH.
Well I love you all I’ll let you know about transfers next week, and what when down... I feel like I probably won’t stay here... but who knows hahaha.


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  2. You're haveing a great time out there Alex and great success too. I promise I will write you soon :) - your great and long time friend since elementry school age Victor Chey DJ Vick :)