Friday, June 29, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hi Family and Others!

Big news - last week I WASN’T TRANSFERRED!!! Yay! 12 more weeks in Angelim! This is due to the fact that I’m a trainer again; I am training Elder De Oliveira, from Sao Paulo. He’s a boss. Other big news I was also called to be the district leader, this means I’m overseeing 4’s pretty much just more responsibility. hahah the photos are of me and Elder De Oliveira (he is tall). Elder Bastoss and Elder Cooper (my MTC comp who I now live with).

I have just been trying to get motivated again... after 6 months in the same area it is hard to be motivated...I have friends who are not interested in baptism that I pass on the street daily...old investigators and all that good stuff. It’s basically my home now, haha.

As for my birthday meal sorry I didn’t describe last week’s pictures; the one is Mac and Cheese and chocolate chip pancakes made by Elder Cooper and the Big Mac was a gift from Elder F Souza (who is now training in Sao Luise. WOOWOO!!! My birthday was awesome...and it now feels like a really long time ago haha.

This week we were riding a bus (no I didn’t fall), but we hit a guy on a bike... he got up and rode away.... HE GOT HIT BY A BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wasn’t even mad... his face was one of confusion. It’s so crazy here sometimes! haha
Another interesting things that happened was I met a man with the name Tabais (yes like from Arrested Development) it brought back fond memories of that tv show. haha

This week we were without a baptism... so I’m kinda down because of that... but the work goes on. Oh a cool thing is now I do baptismal interviews for my district. I get to see how the gospel has changed people’s lives.

I love you all and miss you!
Love Elder Howe

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