Friday, June 29, 2012

June 25, 2012


Glad to hear week number 2 of the beach is going well! haha It is week number 30 million of area Angelim for me and it is also going well. haha

The photos are ones we took walking to the Lan house today, (where we check our e-mail, what do you call that in America? I don’t think you guys have them.... uhhh I forget!).

Here are some highlights from this week:

We had the farewell for President Mario Diaz, he will be leaving the 29th of June and we will get our new president, I don’t really think much will change... maybe more time for email (YAY!!!) maybe not.... maybe less time (AHHHHHHHHHHHH). President Diaz will be missed, he was super awesome.

This week our baptism fell through again this time due to "lady problems" she doesn’t live here but she will return in 2 weeks so we shall baptize her then! Just kinda frustrating, 2 weeks in a row our baptisms didn’t work out, guess we just got to keep working!

Last night we had a funny experience; walking home this homeless guy was walking toward us and proceeded to bend over to pick up a feather and put it in his hair, when we passed him he said "macaroni" haha get it like yankee-doodle? Just kidding, he only said good night to us, but the fact he had a feather in his hair made it really funny. haha

This week we went to visit a new member (she is awesome at giving us references and always teaching with us) but we were at her house (she is a seamstress) a girl came to drop off a dress, now normally I don’t do contacts with teenagers but I felt I should, so I talked with her, she had a bunch of questions, like how come we have such conviction, in what we do and this sort of thing. She thought about the spirit and prayer and the Book of Mormon during the lesson she then said "what is this feeling? I’m like all happy and I can’t help but smile!" I told her that it was “the Holy Ghost now we are having a baptism on the 8th of July will you be baptized?” she said “yes!” and she went to church and actually we moved the date for this Sunday, July 1st, pretty cool how the Lord works!

I love you all and miss you. I hope summer is going well! I MISS NVSL SWIM MEETS! 

Love, Elder Howe 

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