Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 8

It’s another hot day... haha surprise! But the work down here goes on. We have been working a lot with the members down here; Wednesday we did a division so it was just me and a member... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! haha I asked him how old he was he said 23... I dint believe him I thought he was like 17... maybe 18… turns out he is 23 haha. But anyway it was good; the Lord helped me and provided for me and him; we taught 4 lessons and got some new investigators so it was a good day all in all. Just a bit nerve-racking.
Yesterday we were riding the bus back from lunch and like the buses here have gates so you have to pay and then you pass through the gate. I was getting my money out not holding onto anything and we took this turn really fast, and I flew across the bus and almost fell into the lap of a woman and her baby... she just looked at me and the day went on... Elder Ferreira thought it was so funny ... and it was.
Elder Harding and me (3 weeks ago) at a Catholic Church-very similar to cover of Preach My Gospel

Last night we had a meeting... I don’t know what to call it; it was all the priesthood leaders in the ward and then the priests... I’m not familiar with a meeting like that but anyway it was fun, I was sitting there trying to figure out all the things that were going on... And I felt like I imagine the founding fathers felt when they were writing the Declaration of Independence; in a hot, crowded room, discussing things and not really getting anywhere... but it was only an hour; it ended very abruptly, someone said it has been an hour, every one stopped, said a prayer and left... it was strange... but we did set a date for an activity on the 10th of March where we are having a Chocolate night... I don’t know what that entails but I am guessing I will get to eat chocolate so I am all for it haha.
Life is good, the work is going on, and many prayers are being answered, so please keep me in them :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
Love Elder Howe

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