Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 7-New Companion!

So I got a new companion this week his name is Elder Ferreira. He is from Sao Paulo and funny enough he will also be finishing his mission at the end of the transfer... hah in the mission they call it "killing" when you’re the last companion of someone... I am killing all my companions! haha
So Elder Ferreira is really awesome, and He is a great missionary, I have been blessed with two companions with much experience and both are finishing their missions with as much vigor as possible. It is truly a blessing to learn as much as possible from these Elders; all the things that they have learned in 2 years I'm trying to pick up every day so I won’t have to go through the same learning process. Elder Ferreira is a Boss and I look forward to the next 5 weeks with him. He knows enough English that I can communicate well enough with him. But my Portuguese has defiantly improved in the last week with him. I hope it keeps on getting better!
We celebrated Elder Ferreira’s 21st birthday Saturday by ordering a pizza and it was really good!  AND HUGE... I hope to eat more pizza while down here. The rice is filling but I think it’s giving me acid reflux... haha or maybe I just need to eat less I don’t know…haha. Down here they have good juice; it’s like different flavors because they have different fruits then in the USA.
It has begun to rain; the last transfer we only got caught in the rain like 3 times in those 6 weeks but this past week we have already matched that number so it’s always nice to carry an umbrella; when it rains it pours!
This week is Carnival, like Marti-gras but in Brazil. We have to be in our house at 6pm every night... until Tuesday so it’s been a bummer for trying to work because evening is the best time to find people to teach.
Portuguese is going well, I understand almost all when I read, then listening I understand a little less, and speaking is less than that so I hope in the next 5 weeks to have them all at the same level and be completely fluent and be able to express myself in Portuguese as well as I can in English... I need prayers :) haha
Well that’s about all for this week in Brazil. Love you guys and miss you all!!!
 Man the Hour on these computers is so not an hour!

Elder Cooper (my MTC companion)

Elder Harding, my first in-the-field companion. Gummy Bear War!

Elder Harding

Elder Harding and I out in the field, litterally

Elder Harding and me

NEW COMPANION; Elder Ferreira

My 'area'

Elder Ferreira's 21st Birthday Celebration!

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