Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 9

"I think American's should have all their buses like this"

Group of us missionaries

My companion and I

Liliane and her husband, Marcello

Sunset in Teresina

"Sometimes I feel like Elf, living at the northpole when the couches are super small"

We found and egg store...


So there is a video of one roach without its body and it’s still alive moving its head. We come home one night to find like 20 of them in our bathroom it was... gross so we went to town with 2 flip flops and killed them all.

This week I had my First baptism! I baptized Liliane, she and her husband (they got married Friday) have an awesome story he was baptized when he was 10 and went inactive he is now 26, they met and were living together, he has some health problems which brought them closer to god and he started going to church and she began to come with him. They were living together and not married so we married them and she got baptized! They are now excited to go to the temple in a year and have a marriage that will never end!

Liliane's Mom has been coming to church the past 2 weeks. She also went to the baptism and felt the spirit. Last night we taught her and she said the most beautiful pray at closing, it was so simple and wonderful, she only said one thing she was grateful for she said "thank you for baptism of Liliane" we will try are best to get her baptized too.

I love you guys so much! I know that this gospel has the Power to change lives, it is actually the same teachings Christ taught when he was on the earth. I know that if we will just stop and reflect on the things most important in our lives we will realize more often then not it is family. This glorious message is that we can be with our families FOREVER!!! It is the intention of God that we have a family forever! All we have to do is what he asks of us and we can live an eternal life in ETERNAL HAPPINESS!


Love Elder Howe

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