Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week #8; Secret hatch


So I’m almost out of the MTC (CTM depending which language you’re speaking) and on to my Mission in Teresina. My whole district is super pumped to get out and begin working!

Christmas was super good here; Saturday we were allowed basically do what ever we wanted all day. We decided to spend our morning in the gym, so that was fun then we had a delicious lunch followed by the Muppet Christmas story (in Portuguese) I didn’t really know what was going on (those Muppets talk so fast) and then later that night we watched a Christmas Carol. Such a good movie, I don’t remember the last time I saw it but it is a super good movie. they also gave us all ties for Christmas and bags of candy (the candy down here is pretty good) and then the next day we just had sacrament meeting and we were allowed to do what ever our hearts desired... so I studied hahah. It was a wonderful Christmas to just reflect on Christ and all he has done for me. 

On Monday we got to go out on the streets and proselyte... Elder Cooper, and my new "companion" Sister Kafussi went out with 7 Books of Mormon and we're able to give each one away with a message in an hour. I was really a miracle because this area where we are allowed to teach had been combed by missionaries every week for the past 8-9 years by missionaries. So most companionships struggled to place 3 in the 3 hours we were given but the Lord truly lead us to people who needed to hear our message. I know it was because the lord hears our prayers, we had been praying for a few days that we would be lead to people who needed our message. So yeah it was good. (Sister kafussi is like our study companion because she is the only sister in our district she just studies and teaches with us). But we were out on Monday it was funny to see how some people avoided us. it was funny this one lady were walking towards and as we got close she turned and faced this wall with a tree next to it, we were behind her saying ”HI!" and she is just looking in this tree and pulls a string out of this tree... she pulls a string and a door opens this like secret missionary escape hatch she walks in to it and shuts the door... we just all started laughing, because this lady just pulled some random string and opened a secret door.... unbelievable!! hahah 

I love you guys and I am not sure if I will have a p day next week so I might not be able to send an email... but the next time I do send I wont be limited to 30 min!! YAYAYAY love you guys!!! HAPPY NEW Year!!!

Elder Howe

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