Friday, January 13, 2012

My First Week in the Field

So it’s pretty awesome here in Teresina Angelim. It is so awesome here! I have the best trainer ever he only has 5 weeks left so this is his last transfer then he is going home to Lehi, Utah. His name is Elder Harding. This first week has been super exciting; the first 2 days were super rough, just being thrown into a fray of Portuguese speaking people and not knowing what they are saying I have learned to observe... hahha. after the first 2 days though I can normally understand what people are saying...but sometimes they talk really fast and I just stare and smile... they say “you don’t know Portuguese” and I reply “nope but I’m trying”... please pray that I can learn this language fast.
Normally when I bear my testimony the people light up, I speak like I’m 2 years old but they feel what I’m saying, and one of the best moments was after I bore my testimony Elder Harding asked... “did you understand?” to the people and with out breaking eye contact with me they said “yes.” Man that was so sweet!

I’m working on getting a camera, I really want to show you guys what it’s like here it’s so awesome!! OH-look it up on goggle maps we are in the south part of the city of Teresina.  But yeah I will work on that camera thing. 

The people here are great they are soo ready for the gospel, like we invite them to be baptized on the street. Like the 2nd question we ask after “what’s their name”. We need to find Christ’s elect there are too many people to work with who don’t want to not be prepared when the lord returns so we ask right then and there. I LOVE IT! Every single person here has faith in Jesus Christ... so it makes our job so much easier. I know the lord has been preparing this area. The people here are looking for the gospel and we are here to feed them the words of eternal life. It’s so awesome!!! 

The Portuguese is going well I have to speak Portuguese when I’m out of the house so its been rough but I’m learning and trying my best and know the lord is with us... I have seen his hand in many ways just in 6 days. I wish I had time to tell you all they ways but just know that your prayers are being answered and the lord is watching out for me and making sure his work is getting accomplished. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Love Elder Howe

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