Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 8, 2013

Wow what a week, it honestly time will never slow down.

So first off WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! André who was an ex-investigator when we arrived here. We visited him a few times and it turns out that his baptism was supposed to be last December of last year. He had been interviewed and everything and was even at the baptismal Meeting, just that the meeting got delayed by an hour and a half, he eventually got nervous and left. But this Saturday it all went well and he was baptized. (In the photo is us and him and the bishop.)  André has a really cool testimony he said that he had gone to many churches and always had a problem with something in the churches wither it was the members or the Pastor or 1000 other things then quite simply he said, "but in truth it was just because I hadn’t found the true church yet, now I know." ...I love the work I am doing.

We had our meeting with president he was very happy and gave us some new ways to find people he mostly spoke of finding through our teaching group and also he spoke a lot about baptism!!! Like make sure we invite to baptism!!! 

Our ward had a party called "fiesta Juilna" it’s like a cultural celebration for the time of harvest here in the north east of Brazil. Member invited some friends and family and we got some references!! YAY!!! There was a bunch of food and games and it was really a cool activity, I will have to get some recipes for food so that I can make a Brazilian meal when I get home hahahha!

There was this awesome kid that we met last Saturday night. He has played soccer a few times at the church and he and a friend of a young man in the ward and this Sunday was the 2nd time he went to church he is just like loving it. He always has questions and wants to learn more. We marked him for the 20th this month. We are also working with his mother. 

We also met this other 17 yr. old who was taught some time ago by the elders, so far we have only taught him once, but he showed up to sacrament meeting yesterday and bore his testimony in front of everyone!!! He said that he knows this church is true. The only thing is that his mother is one of the founders of another church here in the city... and she is not too accepting of the Mormons... but mericals happen. So we will work with him this week.

Well I miss you all have a good week!

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