Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

So I don’t really know what happened to the month of July... it just kind of passed by super, and I mean SUPER fast.

this week was kind of not too much that happened, like honestly most of the week I was in Teresina or on the bus going/ returning from Teresina...but I did make the best of the bus trips and finished Jesus The Christ, a good light read hahaha.

The man that we met at the barber shop (Carlos) invited us to lunch and it worked out. We taught them a bit about prophets and then Sunday they went to church!  It was so awesome!! I feel really blessed to have met this family. They are such a good family who is honest and really just wanting the best in life.  So they are progressing and this week we will mark their baptism date.

We had our monthly planning Sunday, and we were very worried about the ward frequency... this month the average dropped down to 55 people. Like I’m almost embarrassed to bring investors to church, but me and elder Rais were seeking some answers to how to help out the ward and at the very same moment we both had the same idea! It was crazy! So we are going to start writing down the members who are no at sacrament meeting and visit them ALL during the week just quick little visits to let them know that they are missed. I think this will have great results this month. And I’m excited to apply it!

Also our house had the energy cut... when we got back from Teresina our house was without power!! Hahah all the food in the fridge was bad and then to sleep at night was almost impossible because there wasn’t any fans and IT WAS SO HOT!!!!  But this morning they turned it back on because the bill got paid hahah. It was a neat experience to not have light because then when it comes back your like 1000x more grateful for everything thing even cold water! hahah

Well I love you all have a great week!!!

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