Monday, July 29, 2013

July 22, 2013

Well this week was SUPER AWESOME!!! I feel like me and elder Rais are finally clicking with the work in our area, we found a bunch of new investigators this week and had a good number of lessons, its great having such a good comp. The best part is that the transfers arrived and I'll be staying at least one more transfer with him here!!! WOOOO 6 more weeks!!! The only thing with this transfer is that they moved around a lot of Elders in our zone!

We had a baptism this week, Carol was baptized... we did the baptism in another ward because that's the ward her fiancĂ© goes to, (in the picture she is the younger one). Basically her story is cool because her fiancĂ© is a return missionary who stopped us on the street and was like I have a reference for you guys, let’s go there now? Ha-ha we went and a few weeks later she is baptized. What an awesome reference!!!

We went and taught a man that we had contacted a few weeks ago and he told us I will go to church" like all 100 other people do each and every week, but the difference is that HE ACTUALLY WENT!!! We showed up to church and he was already there!!! He loved the meeting and everything, yesterday after church we went to teach him, he understood the restoration and we invited him to be baptized he responded, "well I was baptized in January but like you guys explained about authority it wasn't done with the correct authority then it was not correct... yeah I'll be baptized by the correct authority." YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha-ha so Cicero will be baptized in August.

Last p-day we went to cut our hair and we did a contact with the barber, at the end of the hair cut we invited him and just at that moment a man entered to get his hair cut and said “oh I have always wanted to hear about that church, "pass by my house this week". We went there Saturday and he was not home but we talked to his wife, she said that he had talked to her about meeting us and everything. She said they want to visit the church. We passed my Sunday morning and he had just left so they didn't end up going to church but we returned Sunday night and taught a lesson to the whole family, they invited us back and even better to eat lunch with them this week!!!  So we will go and teach them some more and help this golden family start the journey to be an eternal family!!

We also had lunch with the Stake President... IT WAS CRAZY!!!  He took us to a shopping mall's food court and was like whatever you want go for it!! I got some like Arabian food thing it was good then afterward he showed us the mall and like all the stuff in the mall... man I felt like things and shopping and the world has changed so much in these two years that I have been away.   It was a cool little treat break from missionary work to see all that stuff and just to browse.  The best part was that it was with the Stake President, he really likes us and is happy with the work that is going on here in the stake.

Well, I love you guys! Have an awesome week!!

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