Friday, July 5, 2013

July 1, 2013

Happy 4th of July! Eat some extra pancakes and hotdogs for me! haha

This was an AWESOME WEEK! So we went to Araguaina at the beginning of the week to do a division it was a good trip the elders there are goofs. One elder and the member had an eating contest with cake... the elder lost after he threw up all over the table. haah I have the video but it’s really big so you’ll just have to wait till after the mission to see it ahhaha.

We also were able to baptize Talita on Friday! It was a good baptism that we had to rush and do some things last min so that it happened. Like we had to run (literally) to another area to get some baptism jumpsuits because someone locked the closet in the church with the jumpsuits and NO ONE had the key! So it was an adventure. But it all ended well!! ha-ha

We also were able to take a family to church! It was the first time this year that an investigator family went to church so that was AWESOME!! The family is truly looking for a church to join and just hasn’t found "the right place" yet. we will visit them more this week explain the restoration and make a date with them... the only rough par tis they have to marry but in this city it is really easy like 8 days and it’s also pretty cheap.  

We also had an awesome member reference. Just listen to this story if you need motivation to be a better member missionary. A member gave her friend a book of Mormon last Monday, her friend was raised in one church baptized in another and now currently goes to another with her husband, and she (the friend) didn’t believe a word that her friend was saying about the book of Mormon, she didn’t like the idea. But she trusted enough to read it think about it and then pray to see if it was really the word of god. On Tuesday the member called us and said elders I have a friend for you to visit tomorrow. We taught her on Wednesday about the restoration, she asked questions the whole time
 we answered them and explained to her about authority, she asked if she need to be baptized in our church. We explained to her that it was necessary to be baptized by correct authority and she accepted a date for the 20th. We now are going to meet her husband this week and teach him, hopefully have another family on their way to being together forever. All because one member invited her friend to read the book of Mormon. I know this is god’s work and he helps those who do his work. If you haven’t already watched go and watch the talks from the world wide training seminar last week and get more involved in doing the lords work.

I love you all!!!

Elder Howe

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  1. You are awesome, Elder Howe. We hope you'll do a throwing-up reenactment for us, when you get home. I will donate food toward that cause. Joseph will race you in a few strokes, too. He is becoming quite a little swimmer. All our best for a wonderful last few months! Love, the Gallachers