Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013

Well another fast week... they don't even seem like 7 days anymore hahah.

Good news, Kaik passed his interview!! So this Saturday will be his baptism day.  He was already asking about what's the process to serve a mission and everything; what a boss. 
Other good news, Wítallo who we baptized in Araguaina got the melk. Priesthood this past weekend and  I also found out Francisco who we baptized in Angelim, my first area, is beginning his paper work to go on his mission; so that's very good news.

We did interviews with President this week and he asked us to teach him a lesson...it was so nerve racking!! hahah. But after that I got my birthday package so it was all good. He thanked me and elder Rais for our work.

We are still working with Carol, and her sister Claudia. Claudia asked us if she could be baptized so that was cool.  It's just a challenge to get a man from the ward to go over there with us to teach and then sometimes they like aren't home but that's like the biggest challenge with them.

Well that's pretty much all for this week.

Love you all and miss you!
-Elder Howe

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