Friday, May 17, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hello it was super awesome to speak to you guys!  Glad to see everyone is good and doing so well.
So not much new for us this week there were 2 brothers who were interviewed and passed Paulo Ricardo and Paulo Roberto yes they are both named Paulo (and I thought that mom and dad were silly for naming us Allan and Alex).  So they will be baptized, their mom is returning to activity in the church.
This week we were able, at least i feel, to accomplish a lot. It has only really been one week that we have been in the area we have been able to gain a lot of trust from the members  and they are excited to help us.  We have learned a lot about the area since it's not such a big area, its really nice everything is close together.
My Comp is awesome normally he plays the guitar and sings songs when we are in the house in the morning before we study. His English is so good but because he is Brazilian and with his accent, it's so funny when he tells jokes.  We were talking and we might honestly be here in this area for the next 5 months together. The President doesn't really move elders much, especially zone leaders unless there is an absolute need to transfer them. but yes its all going well here is Brazil I love you guys and miss you!!

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