Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Travel... that's what I did this week, 35 hours by bus this week. My body is hurting it really took a toll on me.  I think it's only a few times in my life when I will have the chance to travel so much in a foreign country, so it is okay.  

The Baptism of Kayk went very well (see photos) The bishop sat down with me and Elder Rais on wed. and told us how to do the baptism so that the people Kayk brought would feel the spirit and want to be baptized themselves. The best part was that after the baptism Kayk said the he felt the spirit so Strong and he said "I know my friends felt it too, we are going to baptize them all"! hahah so yeah it was a good baptism.

Other than that there is not too much that happened. Our meetings in Teresina went really well we talked about teaching with purpose.  I left the meeting with a much stronger desire to do more and be better.  I am super excited to get to work this month.  The president gave us a goal to double our baptisms this month, so as a zone we are going for 20 baptisms!!!  I feel confident that we will get it! 

Well that's all I got I miss you and love you and thank you for the birthday wishes!

-Elder Howe

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