Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 3, 2013 (1 year in the field)

Hello My Dear Family and Friends!

I hope Christmas was good and happy for you and that the New Year is filling your hearts with hope :)

So last week the highlight was OBVI my phone call home! It was so good to hear all your voices and hear all the stories you guys have. I got the Christmas card yesterday and I loved reading the letters you all sent. I also got my Ranch Dressing!!!!! (See picture) man I am so happy :)  Thank you Mom for the box with the dvds and preach my gospel :)

So everything went well with Bryans baptism he was confirmed and all went well! I am so grateful that the Lord blessed us with him. He is so cool and we just like high five in the halls and stuff he’s a goof. 

We had our trip to Teresina on Monday (for this reason I’m writing today) so we left at 11am and got there at 11:30pm... 30 min before the New Year. so here’s what happened we were driving along all happy and what not when a warning light come on in the bus that said simply enough "stop" (yes it was in English) so that’s what the bus driver did and we waited... for 4 hours!! hahah till another bus come and took us the rest of the way to Teresina. But it was cool while waiting we got to talk to 2 GERMANS!!! WHAT CRAZY RIGHT!!! We spoke in Portuguese to each other!!! Man the world is a crazy place! haha but they were super awesome... maybe one day I’ll live in Europe. 

The Teresina meeting was good. President was happy with the work Elder King and I have been doing here in São Luis... I guess I just need to look more at the positives and not focus on the negatives... next week is transfers but I think we will both stay here, I hope :)

So we left the meeting and went back the bus stop, no time for bom preço this month :(   and we were waiting for the bus which was supposed to leave at 10pm... and we wait.. and wait... and at 11pm we are like what the fart!! So we go ask someone and they are like yeah you’re at the wrong boarding platform.... WOW!! So we ran to get our bus and we got the last bus of the night which had yep........... Only 2 open seats on it (Isn’t God the best?)  We left there at midnight and got home here at 7am and it’s back to work so that’s my week I love you guys and wish you all a happy new year!!!

GO SKINS!!!!! 

Elder Howe

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  1. Elder in that last photo you are so standing on your toes!