Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hello family and friends!!!

We had an awesome mtg this week everything went well, the full time elders are a lot more open, we met in the high counsel room so that was cool and the elders made some good high goals.  So now we just have to go to work. The elders here are ready and willing they are improving and it is so awesome to see the lord work when we have faith and are obedient. 

We did some divisions this week just with some elders who were needing help.  I went on a division and stayed with elder Bird. We only went and worked there for like 6 hours but in that time we worked ATE O PO (until the dust, doesn't translate very well.)  its like we worked really hard. so at the end of the night he was just like .... wow that was the best day i have had in so long... thank you, he then opened up and i was able to talk with him about the problems he was facing and the things that he could do to overcome them... Getting the trust of the elders is so important and i believe in any calling or leadership responsibility you have it is necessary.  Without it... no one will follow you... and if no one follows you how can you lead?
We did another division i stayed with elder Taylor.  He is such a boss and will be training now!! haha but he just has simple problems after a long day of sweating and working hard we just talked... once again he just needed to know that his leader cared for him enough to spend some time with him... not just to get mad at him because he was having trouble working... but to love him because his trails seemed bigger then he could manage.

We had a cool lesson visit with a man named Paulo he already had a book of mormon and actually made a contact with us one day in the street... we are apparently the 3rd group of elders who visited him... we invited him to be baptized .. his response was a classic. " yeah i guess its getting about time that i was baptized . The look on the members face, with whom we were teaching, was so funny, the member then blurted out "waaa... I have never... elders has this happened to you before?... i'm just amazed..." hahah it was great. Paulo had some trouble going to church this week but next week he is there for sure! 

I love you guys and i Know that this is the work of almighty God, as we strive with all our heart might mind and strength to walk in his paths we can and WILL see his hand in our lives. this i bear witness.

With all my love
Elder Howe 

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